IT Risk Management and Compliance


We provide professional assistance to companies in understanding, addressing, and managing IT-related requirements in order to achieve and maintain compliance standards and certifications. We’ll help your company or organization accomplish the following compliance standards:

Compliance Standards and Certifications

Governance, risk & compliance

Reliable compliance and regulation practice is absolutely vital. Our compliance and IT risk management consultants have the breadth of in-depth knowledge of corporate governance and risk management to make sure no procedure is overlooked.

We are leading compliance experts on complex regulatory issues such as Solvency IIKey Information Documents (KIDs) for PRIIPs and Data Protection / General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), providing clarity to our clients and the wider industry via regular communications such as articles and press commentary. Our expert compliance professionals can support you in meeting your regulatory and risk management challenges in a cost-effective and compliant manner.

We also provide general compliance support. Whether it’s developing and updating your compliance manual, designing your compliance plan and audit programme, reviewing financial promotions, handling complaints, or providing answers to any other rules-based compliance questions, we have the technical know-how to solve your problems.

Our Risk Management Process

We identify > collect  > analyze > categorize > protect

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